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Monsters, mages, and murders - oh my! Can the city of Voidgaze maintain its grip on the edge of the world without its vanished wizards? Will Private Roberta Buckle find her fiancé before his killer finds her?

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The Ghost of Baile Briste

- The Last Eclipse - Book 1 -

The goddess roams Baile Briste, taking lives and memories without remorse. Can our unlikely heroes stop her before she takes the throne itself?

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The Wolf of Dunsta Noc

- The Last Eclipse - Book 2 -

Oria's lifelong fear has come to pass and she spends every day dreading the thing that grows within her. Can she survive its arrival?

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Zenia contracted the chicken pox within her first week of life from her loving brother. He insists it was an accident, but she has her suspicions. Despite that rocky start, she seems to have gotten on alright - living on Canada's beautiful west coast with her partner and their pooch. 

Zenia did not expect to stumble into writing, but she has fallen wholeheartedly in love with it. While she has dabbled in writing non-fiction blogs within the emergency preparedness industry, her strong preference is story telling. 

The Last Eclipse series, and its spinoff - The Grimm and the Reaper - are her current obsessions. Many years in the making, she is excited to finally launch the first in the series - The Ghost of Baile Briste - with a full suite of ebooks, hardcover, softcover, and audiobook options... as soon as she gets it all organized!

Zenia canoeing on a sunny day. Her partner is in the captains seat.
Zenia Platten