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A Website

Dear Reader,

When you want to be an author, everyone and their mother tells you that you need to have a website. Looking at the pages of my favourite writers – often barren and rarely updated – I suspect social media to be the more powerful tool.

And yet… here I am.

The grand plan for this site exists, however it will not be fulfilled for a good long while yet. There are books to write, e-series to plan, mailings to build, social media to master, and a day-job to go to before I can create enough content to keep the whole shebang up to my standards.

If you’re interested in receiving updates when things do slide into motion, please sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of this page, or follow me on social media. I don’t post much yet, so I promise not to clog up your notifications.

Thank you for your valuable attention. One day I hope to be able to keep it.

See you soon!

Zenia Platten

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