New Channel!

It begins… I am officially on Youtube! You can subscribe to my channel here so you don’t miss out on any videos. The Youtube content will be mostly crafting tutorials, so I hope you’ll join me in this obsession and show me your builds.

While I am aiming to be an author one day, crafting and TTRP games are a huge part of my love for fantasy. Spreading how-to guides and showing my process seems like a natural extension of my work. I am far from a top tier crafter, but I hope my original builds will still be valuable to other hobbyists – even if it’s just to learn how NOT to do it. šŸ˜‰

Heading into the busiest season of the year, I admit to some trepidation about starting a new venture. Winter is long here in Canada and I have a lot of extra birthdays to worry about on top of the usual holiday goodness. One week in, however, I’m feeling energized and excited for more. Rather than taking time from my writing, I’ve found that crafting has reinvigorated me to write more. With any luck, The Grimm and the Reaper will be starting here on in January.

If you have chosen to join me on this journey, thank you. I can be found most often on TikTok (@pibblepusher), Youtube (@pibblepusher), and here on my very own website. You can opt to receive notifications of new content by joining my mailing list down in the footer.

See you next time and happy crafting!

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