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Dear Reader,

Before embarking on the project of authordom in 2015 I had absolutely no clue how much work it takes to create a book. There’s outlining, writing, editing, re-writing, more editing, fixing something critical you somehow missed the first two times, one more edit, and proofreading. These steps only get you a story, however, for a book we add in formatting and cover design, and that’s before even trying to publish or sell your master piece.

Talk about time consuming!

As with so many wannabe authors without the support of a publishing house, I take a while to get new projects off the ground. In the interest of open communication, I want to at least explain to you, dear reader, where my projects are, and why they’re taking so darn long to get to you.

The Last Eclipse Series

The Last Eclipse will be my first real crack at a series, and I want to do it right. No, I don’t antagonizing over every detail (ok, maybe a little) but I work hard to ensure that the theme, plot threads, and character arcs all make sense and satisfy my inner reader. The only problem, is the series part.

When I pick up the first book in a series, I make sure that the story is complete and I ask other readers if the books are worth the investment. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours immersing yourself in a story, only to find out everything is ruined in book three. I don’t want to be responsible for that kind of disappointment.

The first book in the series is drafted and in the hands of my brand new, incredibly talented editor. In theory, it could be ready to publish in as little as two months. In practice… well.

While The Ghost of Baile Briste has been in the various stages of editing I began work on the second novel in the series, The Wolf of Dunsta Noc. In drafting the piece, I discovered amazing opportunities to foreshadow events in book one, or things that could be enhanced with a few small tweaks to the previous work.

Seeing a pattern, I outlined the third book, A Tide in Abhain Geal, and sure enough – BAM – more threads to tie in to earlier work. This introduced a conundrum that I have been rolling around for a few weeks now: publish as I go and offer a weaker story, or finish the series first and know I’m putting my absolute best work forward?

I think both have pros and cons, but when I look at the vehemence that some fans show towards beloved creators that take too long to get their next work out, it makes up my mind for me. I plan to write all five books before publishing a single one. Anonymity is my safe keeper, and I intend to keep in its embrace a little longer.

As I move from one stage to another in the project I will post updates, and if I get to a place where I can quit my day job (ha!) then progress will speed up considerably.


From time to time I threaten to write an online story. Its outline exists, and it will be a novella-length piece called the Grimm and the Reaper. I plan to use this series, combined with commissioned artwork, to offer readers a try-before-you-buy experience that compliments the Last Eclipse. It will take place in the same world, sixty or seventy years before the main story begins.

As I’m not planning on needing to promote my main series any time soon, this project has been moved to the backburner to free up more time for writing and editing The Wolf of Dunsta Noc, and A Tide in Abhain Geal.

Thank you for your support and patience.


Zenia Platten

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