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Tethered Book Cover.


On the edge of the world the city of Voidgaze perches, and on the edge of the city a member of the Rim Guard swings her feet over the open universe.

Roberta Buckle is a promotion-dodging private, or more accurately, a glorified security guard at a crumbling monument. But the Edge isn’t just a forgotten tourist attraction, it’s all that stands between Voidgaze, and the creatures beyond its rune-etched border.

When the city’s protective magic begins to fail, all signs point to the involvement of Roberta’s missing fiancé. Monsters come from without snapping hungry jaws, while a killer combs the streets for those who won’t be missed. As clues pile up, Roberta must draw a line between loyalty and complicity as the love of her life turns out to be more than he seems.

When the city’s primary defenders go missing, and not even the people’s minds are protected, public safety falls to the misfit Rim Guard. Long disuse and fossilized budgets have fractured their ranks, but stubbornness goes a long way. Roberta should have retired when she had the chance.

Tethered is available in paperback on Amazon, on Kindle, and on Kobo.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book cover for the fantasy novel 'The Ghost of Midormere' by Zenia Platten


Can faith survive the gods in person?

Imperial Princess Oria Toh, daughter of a powerful and beloved high priest, is haunted by what her father has become. She trains day and night so that when she ascends to adulthood, she can enter the ranks of her faith’s elite warriors and escape her family home.

Weeks before her birthday, however, her father shatters that aspiration. He forbids her escape and replaces her dream with a nightmare of his goddess’ creation.

Raised to be the perfect daughter, Oria struggles to align her devoted faith with the horror her life is becoming in her father’s hands.

As those around her turn their backs and the empire faces a threat in one of its most trusted servants, the fate of Midormere rests in Oria’s hands. But can she rebel against those she has spent her life training to serve? Even if she wanted to, can she stop a goddess?

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Book cover for the fantasy novel 'The Ghost of Midormere' by Zenia Platten


Fleeing to the mountain city of Dunsta Noc, Oria Toh finds herself face to face with old friends, new enemies, and plots that threaten the very heart of the empire. Before she can deal with any of THAT, however, she must solve the deadly riddle growing inside her.

The Wolf of Dunsta Noc is the second book in the Last Eclipse Series. It will publish approximately 8 months after the launch of The Ghost of Midormere.

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