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Edits Included
You know your business better than anyone, and I respect your expertise. Each Writing Zen service includes a complimentary round of revisions and editing so you can make sure your blog is to your exacting standards every time.
Integrated Source Links
Research is key for any worth-reading article. People need to know they can trust what they see. Writing Zen hyperlinks all sources within the content so your customers can be confident in your expertise. This practice also boosts SEO!
Premium Service
Zenia has over 6 years of expertise providing high-quality customer service and support across multiple industries. Working with Writing Zen is always a reliable, friendly, and professional experience. Get the right support, every time. 

Content Creation

Have you ever wondered by every business seems to have a blog? Content creation is crucial for any business hoping to build strong search engine optimization (SEO) and grow their online presence organically. Without new product pages, blog posts, videos, or other content, search engines like Google will begin to pass over your website in favour of those with updated, 'fresh' ideas and subjects. Posting regularly about your business, or topics within your industry, also builds an aura of expertise that's hard to beat in the online market.

But who has time to write monthly, or even weekly posts when they're running a business? Let alone finding reliable sources, proof-reading, and optimizing them for SEO. If you run a small operation, your time is best spent in operations, marketing, shipping, budgeting, and the thousand other things that land on your plate every day.

That's where Writing Zen comes in. Simply let me know the topic or industry you would like covered, along with what word count you are looking for, and I'll send back a quote and expected timeline. Then sit back and ebrace the zen... oohhhmmmmmm. 

Product Pages

If you have ever needed to write a product page from scratch then you are likely very familiar with the words "what fresh hell is this?"

Like blog posts, product pages work best when they have rich SEO. This means writing at least 100-300 carefully tailored words about the item in question - even if it is something extremely simple. Don't believe this is difficult? Try writing 100+ words to describe a simple plastic whistle. Not fun. 

Writing Zen takes the stress out of this process. Simply send along a description of what you're looking for, a link to your site so Zenia can model her writing to harmonize with existing layouts and material, and a link to the desired product (usually on the manufacturer's site.) Creating the product from scratch? Send a spec sheet, or schedule a meeting to discuss exactly what you're selling.

Product page rates, like  all of Writing Zen's content creation, are done by word count. Please contact Zenia with an idea of what you need for a complete quote.

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How to Begin

Getting new content for your business or blog is as easy as saying 'hi!' Just reach out to Writing Zen and let her know what you're looking for. Not sure on the specifics? No problem! I can work with you to figure out exactly what you'll need to achieve your online traffic goals.